Posted on January 14, 2012

Eleven Reasons to Practice Yoga in Fort Bragg, CA at One yOga

1. Helps with joint pain and arthritis.
Scientific study shows significant benefits of yoga to people with rheumatoid arthritis!

2. Helps relieve anxiety.
Kirkwood G, et al. “Yoga for Anxiety: A Systematic Review of the Research,” British Journal of Sports Medicine (Dec. 2005): Vol. 39, No. 12, pp. 884–91.

3. Helps relieve depression.
“Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found that yoga may be superior to other forms of exercise in its positive effect on mood and anxiety. ”

4. May be useful in treating PTSD.

5. Significantly relieves bronchial asthma.
Nagendra. H R, R Nagarathna. “Yoga for bronchial asthma: a controlled study.” Br Med J (Clin Res Ed). 1985 Oct 19 ;291(6502):1077-9.

6. Significantly decreases hyperglycemia in non-insulin dependent diabetics.
Jain, Suresh C., Alka Uppal, S.O.D. Bhatnagar and B. Talukdar “A study of response pattern of non-insulin dependent diabetics to yoga therapy.”
Laboratory Division, Central Research Institute for Yoga, 68 Ashok Road, Delhi 110 011, India.

7. May counteract fibromyalgia.

8. Is helpful for cancer patients and survivors.

9. Is good for pregnant mamas.

10. Study suggests Yoga aids with chronic back pain sufferers:

11. It can make you really, truly happy.

Vishoka va jyotishmati.
Vita raga vishayam va chittam.
Patanjali Yoga Sutra Verse I.36-37.

“It also makes your heart carefree and radiant like starlight.
And it frees your mind from wanting things.”
Translation by Geshe Michael Roach & Christie McNally