Ayurveda is...

the “science of life.” It is a system of wellness that works with nature to correct imbalances and to maintain balance in the body,mind and spirit. Using the tools of Ayurvedic assessment (including tongue and pulse assessment) we can detect imbalances before they manifest into symptoms. Ayurveda organizes reality into three major categories that are used to understand wellness. These are the doshas. Vata dosha, which is akin to air and ether, is responsible for Flows in the body/mind: communication, transportation and movement. Pitta dosha which is likened to Fire is responsible for the Fires in the body/mind: metabolism, digestion and transformation. Kapha dosha which is like earth and water is responsible for lubrication, strength and immunity. Ayurveda works to balance these doshas via a variety of modalities including (but not limited to): meditation, nutrition, spices, herbs, herbalized oils, lifestyle recommendations, and aromatherapy. Ayurveda is a powerful system of health and well-being one that allows us to come into resonance with our own true nature.

After Justine Lemos’ attentive questions, feeling of my pulses, and intuitive observation, she prescribed for me a blend of herbs and suggestions for my diet that allow me to sleep through the night without my previous fire-y constitution waking me up. Her blend of humor, humility and inquiry are a powerful combination - her very manner is one that promotes healthfulness. I have had private consultations with Justine, and have attended workshops on Ayurveda; I always learn things that are useful and applicable to my daily life, and am continually disarmed by her warmth and kindness
— M.R.S.

Initial Consult with Justine Lemos, PhD (ayurvedic practitioner, ayurvedic counselor, certified Jyotishi).: $108
Initial consult includes visual, pulse and tongue assessment, dietary analysis, examination of the Vedic astrology chart. Justine will give recommendations for Ayurvedic lifestyle adjustments, herbs (as appropriate), nutritional advice, essential oils, spice mixtures and more. 

Follow up appointments: Generally a series of 3 follow up appointments following the initial consult.
Cost for 3 follow-up appointments: $308

Ayurvedic Spiritual Counseling is generally completed in 5 appointments and includes Ayurvedic methods for transforming emotional and mental patterning.
Cost for 5 appointments: $777

Yearlong Ayurveda Wellness Program: $3008 (to be paid monthly).
Includes a starting series of 5 appointments and then monthly appointments for a year. Includes Ayurvedic books and materials, starter spice mixtures and teas. Includes weekly phone calls with Justine Lemos, PhD. This program is a commitment to your growth and transformation.

All appointments available via Zoom at a distance and also in person with Justine.