Yin/ Yan Teacher Training Module Three
to Nov 19

Yin/ Yan Teacher Training Module Three

Module Three: Yin/ Yang

The third module of our teacher training weekend focuses on spirit and soul/ parusha and prakriti. In this module we explore yin and yan modes of yoga. We examine the 5 koshas, meridians in relationship to yoga asana and learn several fundamental adjustments. 

To be taken as part of our 200 or 300 hour Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training or as a stand-alone module, eligible for 20 hour of Continuing Education Credits via Yoga Alliance.
$450 to join for the weekend. 
September 8 & 9 8:30am-3:30pm
Contact justine@at1yoga.com to enroll

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Refining the Vinyasa Sequence Parts 1 & 2
to Oct 15

Refining the Vinyasa Sequence Parts 1 & 2

 A 2 part workshop with Justine Lemos, PhD focussed on the histories, fundamentals, alignment and anatomical structures of what is commonly called "a vinyasa."

To that end, the first part of the workshop on October 14 1-3pm will focus on Surya Namaskar A and refine the postures of tadasana, downward facing dog, chaturanga and up dog. 

Part 2 of the workshop on October 15 1-3pm will examine two additional postures including uktasana and Warrior 1. Part 2 of the workshop will also examine the histories and structures of "Chandra Namakar" or Salute to the Moon.




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Kundalini Yoga for Prayer and Blessings
to Aug 22

Kundalini Yoga for Prayer and Blessings

Prayer is the most powerful technique to communicate to the unknown. The unknown is both within and without. It does not have the boundaries that our conscious mind creates and depends upon.

Many of us have old understandings of prayer. We think we have to sit and beg a distant saint or deity for acknowledgement or to fulfill a need. We were taught to ask or to plead and wish for something rather than communicate, recognize our Infinite nature and confirm our consciousness. We were told we were sinners and we had to redeem ourselves.

But, the Aquarian approach to prayer is different. Prayer is communication. You will learn so much more about prayer including:

-Prayer is tapping energy from the Unknown part of you. -Prayer is cultivated in two powerful ways ... Shakti and Bhakti.* -Prayer is the intunement of the mind into the Unknown. -Prayer is to create by intention.
-Prayer that moves the Divine comes with a full heart and love. -Prayer doesn’t give you God; you are already God.

Come to communicate prayerfully, to develop a prayerful attitude and to complete the link between your known and unknown. 

$40 for 3 weeks or $15 to drop in.

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Introduction to Yoga
1:00 PM13:00

Introduction to Yoga

Curious about yoga and its benefits? 
Want to get started but don't know where to start?
In this 2 hour workshop Justine Lemos, PhD will demystify yoga!
You will learn:
~ What is yoga?
~ How to understand a yoga studio schedule
~ Which classes are best for YOU and why
~ How to modify postures safely
~ What is pranayam
~ Why does my teacher sometimes speak in a foreign language?

July 1st 1-3pm

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Kundalini Yoga to Surmount Obstacles
to Jun 27

Kundalini Yoga to Surmount Obstacles

Would you like to have the spirit, the power and the grit to ‘keep up’ with whatever life sends your way? Would you like to draw upon an unending reservoir of tenacity, bravery, fortitude and determination in the face of any challenge? If so, then, this 3 week series of  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is specially designed to help you:
Surmount obstacles ...real or imaginary;
Overcome barriers ...perceived or otherwise;
Dissolve frustrations ...today and always!

Tuesdays 9-10:15am

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