Lifestyle transformation via Yoga & Ayurveda

Located in the Boatyard Shopping Center in Fort Bragg
131C Boatyard Dr.

(Saturday classes at 210 N. Corry St in Fort Bragg to fit the crowd)


Your Yoga Classes

We offer training in several styles of yoga.
If you are new to yoga we recommend you schedule a free enrollment consultation by phone to determine your perfect class placement. 

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Your Life... Transformed

Ayurveda is the "science of life." Justine Lemos, PhD offers Ayurvedic lifestyle transformation consultations that include pulse assessment, tongue assessment and wellness recommendations.

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"At One Yoga studio is a beacon of light in our community.
All the teachers are well-qualified and the classes are a pleasure.
The studio's owner, Justine Lemos, is inspiring in her extraordinary academic educational background and her practical and compassionate attitude to teaching and leadership. "



Justine Lemos, Phd, owns and directs at one yoga. 

Justine holds a doctoral degree in Anthropology with a focus on embodiment in South Asian arts.