5 Favorite Cleansing Techniques


These are my 5 top Ayurvedic techniques for wintertime cleansing.

1. Hot Water Routine (check out my other instagram post for information on this amazing ama reducing technique ~ ama is GUNK). Basically you just sip on hot water every 20 minutes throughout the day to stimulate digestion.

2. Garshana ~ this is dry brushing your skin with raw silk gloves before a shower. This removes gunk from your lymphatic system. Raw silk garshana gloves are easily available online.

3. A mono-diet of kichadi (warm mung dal and rice) for a week or more can reset your digestion and reduce metabolic waste. In my upcoming cleanse program I give away so many recipes for kichadi but you can find a bunch online.

4. Oil Massage or Abhyangha is an Ayurvedic self-massage done with warm oil before a shower. This helps the body to oleate which we need in the wintertime. It also removes gunk-factor

5. Green juice helps the body to process waste. Make sure you put in ginger to keep your digestion strong.

Much love,

Justine Lemos, PhD

J Lemos