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Authentic Yoga



Visit our Ocean-View Studio at 131C Boatyard Dr., Fort Bragg, CA



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A regular practice of yoga results in:

Less anxiety,
Better sleep,
More flexibility,
Less chronic pain,
More heart-felt compassionate connection

“At One is an absolutely wonderful studio that truly brings you yoga in its most holistic and raw form. There are classes to suit anyone’s style and needs and Justine, the owner, is so well versed in all things yoga, history and Ayurveda her classes are a true exploration of the deepest corners of your being.”
— S.A.

The practice of yoga is just that... a practice. We meet our own bodies and our own breath exactly where we are. At One Yoga all levels are welcome.

We will inspire you on this journey of transformation. There is no reason to feel intimidated. We have students who are brand new and those who have been on their mats for years. 


We have wonderful classes for the most experienced students and students who have never been on a yoga mat. 

Many students who are new to yoga enjoy starting with a softer practice (though there are exceptions).
Our softer, more gentle classes, are those titled Gentle & Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga & Gentle Flow Yoga. These classes are relaxing.

More dynamic classes are titled Hatha Yoga and Hatha Flow YogaThese classes highlight postural awareness and energetic sensitization. 

Our most invigorating classes are titled Vinyasa Flow Yoga. These classes are more physically intense and feature a flowing sequence of yoga asana. 

The space in Fort Bragg to practice yoga and ancient yogic arts is amazing especially with the talented teachers who guide us through this journey. I have never found a more knowledgeable teacher than Justine Lemos and practicing with her changed my life.”
— R.C.

Our yearlong Bliss-Academy Memberships include monthly unlimited yoga at the studio and an archive of online video classes with Dr. Justine Lemos.
This membership is the best value for students who would like to transform body, mind and spirit. 

Things to know about practicing at One Yoga:

  • you will be barefoot.
  • we do not allow shoes on our cork practice floor
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • we have high-quality mats to rent for just $1
  • bring a water bottle
  • make your practice your own. don't worry about what is going on on the mat next to you.
  • breath and smile! 

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131C Boatyard Dr. Fort Bragg, CA 95437