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we offer training in authentic yoga...

Our classes highlight training in the fundamentals of yoga posture, pranayam (breathwork), tantric philosophy and practice and more.

Our curriculum is guided by Justine Lemos, PhD. 

We know that you will delight in your personal transformation when you join our sangha (community).

Less anxiety, better sleep, more heart-felt compassionate connection are just a few of the results of a regular practice of yoga.

We invite you to our ocean-view studio! 

You are welcome to drop-in to any class or contact us for free enrollment consult. 



sleep better, digest more easily, find your optimal weight, reduce stress, find bliss! 


Ayurveda is...

the “science of life.” It is a system of wellness that works with nature to correct imbalances and to maintain balance in the body,mind and spirit. Using the tools of Ayurvedic assessment (including tongue and pulse assessment) we can detect imbalances before they manifest into symptoms. Ayurveda organizes reality into three major categories that are used to understand wellness. These are the doshas. Vata dosha, which is akin to air and ether, is responsible for Flows in the body/mind: communication, transportation and movement. Pitta dosha which is likened to Fire is responsible for the Fires in the body/mind: metabolism, digestion and transformation. Kapha dosha which is like earth and water is responsible for lubrication, strength and immunity. Ayurveda works to balance these doshas via a variety of modalities including (but not limited to): meditation, nutrition, spices, herbs, herbalized oils, lifestyle recommendations, and aromatherapy. Ayurveda is a powerful system of health and well-being one that allows us to come into resonance with our own true nature.


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healing light yoga


Healing light yoga...

is a form of deeply restorative Ayurvedic Yoga in which we use deep and powerful breathing to nurture and nourish. This form of yoga works with the five phases of Ayurvedic Panchakarma (Ayurvedic cleansing), mudras (hand gestures), marmas (subtle healing points similar to acupressure), mantra, visualization and subtle intention to create new patterns in the physical, emotional and subtle bodies. This form of yoga therapy works to clear cellular memory to heal from the inside out. Healing Light Yoga Therapy changes energetic patterns that create imbalances in the mind and body. Working with Healing Light Yoga Therapy can transform emotional wounds to create deep inner peace. It restores flow in the body to enhance vitality and prevent disease; expands awareness to hear our inner wisdom. Working with Prana (energy flows) we infuse the muscles, cells, and chakras with the healing power of consciousness. It is a practice of release, manifestation, healing and surrender. When working with Healing Light Yoga Therapy people experience release of emotional and physical patterns and renewed vitality. Many students experience deep shifts in mobility and pain when working with Healing Light Yoga Therapy.


private yoga classes

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private Yoga Classes....

  • Are perfect for clients looking to refine their form in a one-on-one setting.
  • Great for students with injuries looking for ways to heal and ways to modify their practice.
  • A wonderful treat for 1 student or a small group of friends who want specifically tailored instruction
  • At One Yoga also offers semi-private yoga, yoga for wedding parties and more!