Meet our staff

Meet our staff of expertly trained yoga teachers! 


Justine Lemos, PhD

Justine owns and directs At One Yoga, MendoVeda Ayurveda and Nataraj West Classical Indian Dance Company. She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from UC Riverside (with an emphasis in Indian dance and South Asian embodied philosophy), a Master's degree in Dance Studies from Mills College, a Master's degree in Anthropology and a B.A. in World Dance from Hampshire College. Because of her intensive, long term in situ training in India, Justine's approach to yoga is both intellectual and intuitive. She seeks to infuse contemporary yogic practices with their foundational practices as described in Hindu and Buddhist texts. Justine is a long-time yoga practitioner (her mother began studying yoga when she was pregnant and continued with Justine when she was a child). Justine is also an E- RYT-800 (Experience Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher). She has trained at Yoga West under students of Yogi Bhajan and under well-known Hatha Yogi Scott Miller at Western Yoga College ( where she is now faculty. She has also studied yogic texts and practices with several masters in India including Pandit Sri Kumar.  During her education she has extensively studied anatomy and kinesiology as these subjects apply to dance and yoga. She has also received training from Guru Ranjanaa Devi in classical Indian Odissi dance since 1996 and has performed as a principle dancer with Nataraj Dance Company at many venues with in the United States, India, Japan and elsewhere. From 2003-2004 Justine had Fulbright Grant in India where she intensively studied Mohinniyattam classical dance at Kerala Kalamandalam. She returned to India to continue her studies in 2005 for four months and then again from 2007-2008 under the auspices of an American Institute for Indian Studies Fellowship. During this time she studied classical dance and yoga philosophy and texts. She is currently undertaking an intensive study of Hathayogapradipika and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.  Justine is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and teaches and practices Ayurvedic methods of wellness for body, mind and spirit. Via her practice of Ayurveda she also teaches Healing Light Yoga. For more information and complete CV visit or

Delphine Davidson

Delphine has been teaching Vinyasa flow yoga for over 11years throughout the country. She completed her second 250 hour (Yoga Alliance Accredited) Teacher Training in 2006 and has been blending to two sides of her trainings (Ashtanga and Subtle Yoga Flow) ever since. She is a northern California native and her teachings are inspired by her surroundings: the salty sea and the majestic redwoods, as well as the traditions of Ashtanga, Anusara, Kundalini and Sivananda paths of yoga. She focuses on the deconstruction of each pose to make an invigorated practice available to students of all levels. Classes tend towards the more intense side of the spectrum, with plenty of arm and core strengthening plus hip openers. Her guidance comes from a passion to encourage her students to truly trust in their bodies innate ability to heal to find balance in a crazy world. “We must be able to trust our bodies strength and integrity in order to find our way through adversity to our true selves.” In her class you will find words of encouragement and you will notice her true passion for moving beyond previous obstacles and finding balance between effort and effortlessness by listening deeply to ones heart's truth.


Kathy Gaughen

Kathy has been practicing yoga since 1970. A retired teacher of special needs children, she moved to the Fort Bragg community from the Big Island of Hawaii four years ago to be closer to friends and extended family. Kathy received her yoga instructor training locally from Western Yoga College and at One Yoga. She is interested in all aspects of yoga and is eager to share this wonderful practice with others. 



Lisa Orselli

Lisa began her study of yoga in 1975 in Berkeley with Margaret Fisher, a dancer and Iyengar inspired teacher and continued with her for 23 years until she moved to Little River. With Margaret’s voice firrmly in mind she started teaching at the Redwood Health Club. While teaching her own classes she was moved to deepen her practice beyond asana to understand the broader Yoga Philosophy so enrolled in Yoga Mendocino’s 450 hour certification program, finishing in 2003. Since 2001 she has taken week long teacher trainings with Rodney Yee and has often been one of his assistants during the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference. In 2010 she completed a 200 hour certification with Prajna Yoga
lead by Tias Little in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is finishing the 500 hour program. Her continued studies reveal the layers of Yoga philosophy, the similarity to Buddhist teaching and the richness it adds to the practice. Lisa encourages her students start from where they are, to ease into the practice and stay present to what is arising, listening to their own bodies


Scarlett Trillia

Scarlett is a Mendocino and Bay Area native of international formation. She returned to live on the coast in 2014 and is an active student and teacher of yoga and meditation. Scarlett has received training via Scott Miller and Dr. Justine Lemos at Western Yoga College. She is a cancer survivor and can attest to the healing and transcendental benefits of a well-balanced yoga practice and Ayurvedic lifestyle. Scarlett brings together breath, body, and a keen awareness of subtle energy in an evenly paced Hatha practice that is designed to be accessible to students of all experience levels. Scarlett is a regular substitute teacher at One Yoga



Sheryl Kainoa

Sheryl Kainoa has been practicing yoga since moving to California from Hawaii over 25 years ago.  Her first class was at San Francisco State University and she immediately fell in love with it.  Throughout most of her life and career, at a desk,  she has used yoga to maintain a balanced mind, body and lifestyle.  She recently ended her career in technology and loves teaching yoga and the ability to dedicate more time to her yoga practice.  
Sheryl Kainoa whole-heartedly believes that yoga is for everyone and can improve your life.  A body-positive approach to yoga and well-being is emphasized in her classes. 
Sheryl Kainoa is a native Hawaiian and a hula dancer. She has been loving living on the Mendocino Coast since 2009. 
Sheryl received her training with Dr. Justine Lemos via Western Yoga College.  She is grateful to be able to share her love of yoga with others of all experience levels and body types. 

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Sarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner is a Physical Therapist who has been teaching Pilates for 10 years.   She received a Masters of Physical Therapy in 2004 from University of Maryland, Baltimore and later received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2012 from the University of Montana.  

In March of 2017 Sarah completed a 7-month Pilates for Rehabilitation  Comprehensive Teacher training through Polestar Pilates.  Sarah enjoys using her knowledge of movement and anatomy to maximize the benefits of breathing, elongation and core strength in a mindful Pilates practice.   She is now utilizing a small studio of specialized Balanced Body Pilates apparatuses as part of her Physical Therapy practice with patients at Pacific Physical Therapy.     Pilates has changed the way she practices the art of Physical Therapy!


Samara Mondello Smith

Teaching internationally in Mexico, NYC and California  since 2005 with an extensive dance background. My yoga teacher journey began when I certified with Ana Forrest in 2006. I expanded my yoga vocabulary in 2009 with Laughing Lotus Yoga School SF

And dove head first into yoga philosphy of T.K.V.Desikachar which led me on a year long journey into Hatha Yoga in 2010 with Baba Hari Das. His wisdom and guidance brought me to my harmonium and love for healing with mantras. This year 2016 BUTI yoga has deepened my connection to divine female energy or Shakti. The mindfulness, confidence, power of my BUTI practice has transformed my life. I'm here to share this budding yoga style. I am excited to empower you on your journey. Connect You To Your Shakti Fire. Move Your Body. Reclaim Your Confidence. Change Your Life.